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First of all, you can always reach us out here.

Now, see if this helps:

First, try to refresh. If the problem persists, follow the additional questions.

Can you hear them?

If not, start here

Do you see a popup like this once you try to turn on your mic?

If yes, please follow the instructions of the above image to unblock it. The padlock is located at the left upper hand of your browser.

You'll see a similar one if you're using Android.

Check alternative mic sources - change your mic

Click on the small arrow located at the right side of the mic, then choose a different mic option from the available drop down list.

Make a test to make sure your mic is working on your browser

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Start recording your voice
  3. Click on stop once it's done
  4. Click to play
  5. If you cannot hear your voice, it's very likely your browser is not detecting your mic. You can check this article for more information.




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