How to Manage Sub-Accounts

  1. Overview
  2. Using Sub Accounts
  3. How to Manage Sub-Accounts

In order to use the sub-accounts:

  2. Click on the top right menu - Sub Accounts
  3. Download this template
  4. Enter the name and email of the sub-account users in the csv file and save.
  5. Drop the file into the sub accounts gray area.
  6. Click to send an authentication email to your members.
  7. Once you send it, your members will receive an email. Once they click on the received link, they will be able to sign up or sign in under your account's umbrella. The available features might depend on the plan that you have.

Important note: do not send to yourself, because this might downgrade your account, unless you choose a different self-email. Even if you dothat, do not open in the same browser that you’re logged in. First log off or use a different browser which you’re already logged off.

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