Recommended Resolution and Sizes

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  3. Recommended Resolution and Sizes

While there's not one-size-fits-all, here is a basic recommendation for your designs. 


GoBrunch will alwasy fit your backgrounds on full-width, with no stretching or cropping. If you don't want to generate scrolling, we recommend generating JPG images 1920x976 under 400kb.

For large auditoriums, scrolling is necessary and you can create backgrounds with a variable height to fit your needs.

Canvas Height

Inside the Editor, you can see an icon the allows you to control your Canvas Height.

If you're looking to avoid scrolling, keep your height under 767. Some monitors have different aspect ration and that's why it might vary a little.


While there is no specific resolution constraints, our recommendation is to keep your images under 300kb. 

You can hold shift to keep the image proportion and aspect ratio.


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